Who Controls The World Wide Web ?  

The World Wide Web (WWW) is an indispensable part of almost all the computer users’ lives. Even though it is a recent invention, yet today, none of us can imagine our lives without it. This is because it is a powerhouse of knowledge and information, and man, as we all know, always craves for information. In fact, many of our means of livelihood depends solely on the Web (as it is also called as).

However, this powerful database is absolutely free of cost to its entire users. Only an Internet-enabled computer is sufficient for accessing all its information. Now, WWW was invented by Sir Tim Berners-Lee, who first identified that hypertext can be used to connect each of the web pages, creating an online storehouse of information and documents. He revealed this technology to the world in 1990. By 1993, CERN, Switzerland revealed that this service would be free to all. Now, Berners-Lee has become the Director of the World Wide Web Consortium. Yet, strangely enough, he does not hold the whole control of the web today. One reason behind this can be that the web has spread so much, and has grown to such a scale in such a short time that it is impossible for one person to oversee it all.

However, an organization named Network Solutions Inc. (NSI) manages the .net and the .com domains of the websites. NSI is a division of VeriSign, which is contract-bound to the umbrella organization, to which the numerous registrars of domain name belong. We can see that whenever any of us mistypes a domain name, he gets redirected to their advertisements. This can only be done by someone who exercises a great deal of power on the Web.

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Who Controls The World Wide Web ?




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