Programming Languages List  

Programming languages form the crux of computer software. They are nothing but artificial languages which are created such that the computer can perform certain tasks in a specific manner. These programming languages help in many ways such as expressing algorithms, allowing human communication.

Programming languages were developed much earlier than the first computer. The Jacquard Loom that was created in the 18th century, preceding the Analytical Engine of Charles Babbage is one such example. Since then different programming languages have been developed over the years.

Programming languages are made by many small components which give shape to the entire language. One of them is syntax. This is the surface of a programming language. It determines the possible combinations of symbols that will help create a working proper program.

Programming languages may be of different types. A few of them are: Educational programming language, Non-English-based programming languages and so on. There are innumerous programming languages and it cannot be provided in a complete comprehensive manner.

If you list it category wise, there are Array languages, Assembly languages, Data-oriented languages, Functional languages, Interactive-mode languages, Logic-based languages, Machine languages, Metaprogramming languages, Scripting languages, Visual languages and so on.

Programming languages can also be categorized based on different generations. A few such languages in this category are: ALGOL based, APL based, BASIC based, COBOL based, Batch languages, COMIT based, DCL based, FP based, FORTRAN based, HyperTalk based, JOSS based, Lisp based, SASL based, ML based, PL based, prolog based, and SETL based. 

There may be many different ways to classify programming languages.

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Programming Languages List




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