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Designing has reached every nook and corner. The best way of expressing yourself or your company would be designing your website according to it. Mostly, church websites have a simplistic design. They have the same old settings which were in use some many years back. Today, churches have also understood the importance of websites. There are many church websites which have proved to be an excellent source of inspiration to major design projects. They use color, images, graphics and the right key notes.

The church sites definitely have lot of content involved and can easily be displayed and navigated. The layout and format of many of these websites tend to be similar. Joel Olsteen’s blog and website looks serene and simple. The color used is grey on a white background which indicated peace and purity. Secondly, TD Jakes Website is a mix of color and has segregated issues separately. It is not calm but gives a pleasant feeling. Thirdly, Soul purpose ministries are quite popular and have everything right from news, music, reviews and celebration. Bethmeth Church website is like any normal website which is definitely colorful and uses great flash pictures.

Church of Incarnation is yet another popular website which always mentions event schedules and other services. The city church website looks quite modern and has used warmer to colder tones. Events, prayer sessions are constantly being updated. Kinsfield church is definitely constantly on the same platform as today’s youngsters. There are separate slots for Facebook. People can comment add friends, chat, listen to music reviews etc. There are many more and you can make one but remember to add design in the way that is not too godly.

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Best Church Web Site




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