How To Build Web Site Counter ?  

Web site counters are extremely important especially if you want to start your own website. It is certainly optional but every website displays a counter. You also need to have detailed information about your web counter. This counter is a place where visitors are tracked for free and which indirectly helps you to understand your site’s popularity. You also have the opportunity to visit a website without revealing your mail id.

There are yet many others who prefer to display it just to know the level of configuration. Once it is perfectly configured all you have to do is add any of the ads to your main counter. You can keep adding more than one ad. This is certainly the best way to mint money easily.

There are also ways to set your counter overtime you leave it with your previous provider. Always think of providing and displaying certain visitor pages. Also, design the background and digit color in a way that perfectly gels and blend with the whole look of your website. Place it well so that it does not block the entire background image. Select the right fonts that also do not appear too on the face. There are at times hidden counters that can have a totally invisible effect on the whole of your website. It will also remind you constantly of your web page. You can count the overall number of hits and the time span between every visit. The process also reveals the visitor’s IP address. The invisible JavaScript also provides info on every page with respect to website counter. It constantly records the hits on the web site.

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How To Build Web Site Counter ?




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