How To Submit Your Site To Web Crawler ?  

Web crawler is unique software designed by Google for searching the web to get useful information and content. Googlebot is a program that goes from one page to the other going through every related link. If a new page does not have a link for itself, the Googlebot would not be able to locate that website easily and the information that the website is trying to share would take longer to be easily accessible for others connected to the web.

If you want to create an article and want it to be on top of the search results, you should submit your articles to so that it reaches to the people on the internet, the fastest and through the easiest way.

  • Firstly, you need to go to and towards the bottom on the page; you would find the link to submit your page. You need to fill up 3 boxes in that page:
    • URL: This consists of the web address of the page that you would want Google to crawl to and rate for the ranking of the search engine.
    • Comments: You need to put in the key words or quotes or other comments that you want to share about your web page.
    • The Verification Box: Although option, it is a good idea to fill in this information. It informs Googlebot if the information is fed by an individual or software.
  • Click the “Ad URL” button located towards the bottom of that page.
  • Once your information is passed out properly, you would be taken to a confirmation page from where your website would be added to the list of the sites, which Googlebot would go through during relevant searches.

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How To Submit Your Site To Web Crawler ?




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