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Blog is a kind of website or a segment of it. Commonly written and managed by individuals, it is updated with regular write-ups or commentaries about experiences, events, or comments on material and abstract issues or things. This frequent entering of data on blogs is what we call blogging.

John Barger on December 17, 1997 coined the original term “weblog” which we today refer to as blog. The name “blog” was jokingly invented by Peter Merholz by breaking the term “weblog” into ‘we blog’ on his blog in the year 1999. Later, the term ‘blog’ started being used as both a verb and a noun.

Internet users can leave comments and views on others’ blogs allowing communication both ways, qualifying it as an interactive interface between them. This is what basically distinguishes blogs from other websites on the internet. Other than functioning as commentary box of political and social issues; blogging is also used by many as online personal diaries. Blogs can combine link, web pages, images, texts and more means of media on just one web address belonging to any common man around the globe. Blogs do not require it’s users to know computer languages or HTML which make them all the more popular and easier to handle. Blogging has today become a famous and accepted search engine optimization (SEO) instrument as search engines like Yahoo and Google are aware of the fact that blogs are frequently updated adding visitor remarks or content, so they visit blogs repeatedly searching for new information to incorporate in their index.

Many blogs exclusively focus on art (art blogging), videos (video blogging), photographs (photo blogging), audio (podcasting) and music (MP3 blogging). RSS (Really Simple Syndication) data feeds are now used to automatically deliver blog content. Visitors simply need to subscribe to the feeds of a blog if they want to stay updated with the postings of that blog. Technorati, a blog search engine tracked 112,000,000+ blogs in December, 2007. Micro blogging is a new kind of blogging which features shorter posts than the usual blogs.

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