Definition Of Domain Name  

Domain name is something that identifies a website in the best possible manner. For instance, is the domain name for the Google website. Websites for various different domain names can be served by just a single web server, but one domain name pertains to one computer only.

Thus, the domain name can be thought of an identification label which is known for defining the dominion of an administrative authority, autonomy, or control within internet. They can also be thought of as the hostnames which identify the Internet Protocol resources like the websites. Domain names have to follow various set procedures and rules that are set as well as checked by the Domain Name System which is most popularly known as DNS.

These domain names are actually used in various networking contexts as well as for the application specific naming along with the addressing purposes. Every domain name should be registered in order to make it function. These are the simplest resources that can provide information about the people who own them. One of the most important purposes of domain names is to provide or offer easily recognizable as well as memorial names that could be remembered by people very easily and they just keep them among themselves throughout.

Domain name is known to contain several different parts which include alphabets, numbers, etc. Domain name of any particular website is mentioned on the address bar of the website or the webpage. So, one can easily make out what the domain name of any website is.

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Definition Of Domain Name




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