Domain And Domain Name Server Difference  

Domain names and the domain name server or system which is most commonly known as the DNS are the first things to be associated to any particular website. These form the basic prerequisites regarding the beginning of a website or anything related to that. There are people who consider both these things to be similar due to the fact that they do not have the proper information.

One needs to understand that domain name and domain name server are two entirely different things. Domain name server is the hierarchical naming conventions or system that is meant for the computers that participate in internet. It is responsible for associating the various kinds of information in terms of the domain names that are assigned to people. On the other hand, a domain name is just an identification of the computer that is a part of any such internet; it can also provide the actual information about the person using such device. These are also known as the hostnames which identify the Internet Protocol or the IP resources. These domain names are framed keeping in mind all the rules and regulations of the domain name system.

Every computer uses a different domain names which means that each of them has their won hostnames. As far as the other differences are concerned, there are many more to follow. While domain name itself is just a name, DNS is a complete system including various things apart from the domain names. Thus DNS is a much bigger unit as compared to the domain name.

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Domain And Domain Name Server Difference




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