Domain Name And Email Account  

Email address is something that identifies a particular mailbox to which the email messages can be delivered. Transport of emails throughout the internet makes use of the SMTP which refers to the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. It is defined as the standards RFC 5321 and RFC 5322 although mailboxes are accessed with the POP, or the Post Office Protocol, and Internet Message Access Protocol, which is abbreviated as IMAP, in most of the instances.

Multiple email addresses can point to one particular mailbox. Conversely one single email address can be associated to several mailboxes. Email account is a very important thing looking at the present scenario where most of the tasks are done online. For every single task to be performed online, one needs to have their personal email account which becomes the means of correspondence.

Earlier kinds of email address involved verbose notations that were required by X.400, and UUCP notation where addresses were given in a form that included sequences of computers through which messages must be relayed. This kind of a pattern was used by people for several years but later on various other suitable forms came up. In the latest pattern domain names are very important and have their significant value. Now the question arise that how are these two interlinked?

One needs to understand that they can use their domain name as their email address. There are two different options for accomplishing this task. Either one sets up dedicated hosting for their domain name, or they can set up email forwarding on their domain name.

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Domain Name And Email Account




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