How To Find Owner Of A Domain Name ?  

Finding the owner of a domain name can sometimes be very essential and it can be done with the help of search which is quite quick as well as available for free. It helps one find out the registration information about any domain name, its owners as well as their referral URLs. Thus if in case, one wants to find out any kind of information regarding any domain name or about the person having rights on some particular domain name, they should just go for Whois search.

In order to follow the above mentioned procedure or to move ahead in this direction, one should have a computer and the internet access. Given below are a few steps that one must follow in order to achieve the target:

  • The very first step would include finding out the domain names that one wants to look out for. The address bar of the browser should be checked as most of the URLs contain domain names.
  • After finding out the required information, one must go and visit
  • One would thus need to input the domain name into WHOIS lookup box that appears on the website.
  • The other required steps would include selecting the domain name from the drop down menu available. After this one just need to select go and the entire information will be provided to them.

A comparatively easier way out includes visiting the actual website and then sending an email to the owner or the webmaster of that particular website.

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How To Find Owner Of A Domain Name ?




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