How To Register Existing Domain Name ?  

Domain name holds a very important position as far as the websites as concerned. The entire faith of the website depends largely on its domain name and that is the major reason why people go for a good research before picking up any domain name because this is something that they need to be very careful about.

Once a person decides about a domain name, it needs to be registered but what if a person finds out that the selected name is already an existing one or has already been registered by someone else. These are some of the questions that might have happened with people quite often.

There are basically two ways of registering an existing domain name. In case the person is a great hurry, they are free making an offer and then purchasing their domain name from current owner. The other process says that if the person can wait for the expiry of the existing domain name, they can back the order of that particular domain name and register it for themselves, provided the existing registrant allows doing so. Given below are the steps that one needs to follow to register an existing domain name:

  • Backorder the domain for which one would need to create their account with any domain registrar.
  • One must then enter the domain name that they actually want to take up.
  • Then one need to click on the ‘Backorder’ and the order should thus be added to the cart. After this one must input their payment information.
  • One must try and buy the existing domain name from its current owner. This all can be done through emails.
  • One can even pay if the owner would accept that. If one does not own an account, it should be created right there.
  • One then finally needs to transfer domain name to their account with their domain registrar. The registrar will then forward an email to the existing owner of that domain name which informs about the transfer procedure.

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How To Register Existing Domain Name ?




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