Philippine Issues On E Commerce  

Ecommerce is a concept of doing business on the internet. This concept has been followed by many businesses throughout the globe and is growing every year. Ecommerce has provided many organizations an opportunity to establish brand identity and promote products on the internet.

Ecommerce business in many countries has started and many countries are allowing ecommerce and among such countries is Philippines where ecommerce business is feasible but with difficulties and crisis that can build or destruct your business. Philippines have a bad reputation for online shopping with the scams that has taken place in the past. Some fake deals happened in the past has created a bad reputation for the ecommerce industry.

People in the Philippines have paid online to purchase goods to the people whom they have not seen and whether they will get the item they have paid for. For successful ecommerce business, you will have to incorporate some capital to develop ecommerce site that will expand revenues and customer base for you. This site developed will be the most important aspect for ecommerce business. This website will serve your business for 24/7 entertaining all your customers like a salesman. The functionality, design and user-friendliness of the site will play an important role in alluring the customers. The site should be friendly enough to the users so that they can navigate the site with ease. After the functionality and design, comes another important aspect, which is the payment mechanism.

It really matters what payment options you offer on the site. The payment options available are Internet Banking, Debit/Credit Card and COD (Cash on Delivery). Asking for online payment or thru debit/credit card will lose trust of the customers and cash on delivery requires a team of delivery guys who can accept payment and run in each and every corner of the country to accept payments. PayPal is another option, but not recognized in the Philippines.

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Philippine Issues On E Commerce




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