Tips For E Commerce Devolopment  

Ecommerce websites are purely for business purposes. The development of these kinds of sites should be done with extreme care and responsibility so that you do not miss out anything. Security is a key aspect for such ecommerce websites because any information lost or lose to anyone will put you in crisis.

A few tips for ecommerce website development are discussed below:

  • Use only SSL in your website to secure the transactions taking place on the website. SSL will secure your transactions over the internet and will provide security to the confidential information of your customers.
  • Do not use SSIDs on your website
  • Use proper validations wherever required because information may get mismatched after submission. If someone enters address in the telephone field or someone forgets to enter any field that can be reminded if there is proper validation. Use some good language or scripts to display whatever is the reason. Your developers know where the problem can occurs while loading the site, ask the developers to put some messages to explain the problem that has occurred.
  • Cache everything that is on the website. Cache the images, pages and data of shopping cart. If you are not able to cache the complete page then you can cache some sections on the page.
  • Try to minimize the number of hits to database. If you are loading data, images and inventory from database using ten different queries, then try to retrieve all the information from database with one single query. Using stored procedures will give a better option to run the database faster and secure. The use of stored procedures will make the maintenance of database easier.
  • Do not host your website and database on one server. Keep the database on one server and your website on a different server.     

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Tips For E Commerce Devolopment




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