What Is E Commerce ?  

E commerce, or electronic commerce, is a terminology used for a business or a commercial transaction done through the Internet. E Commerce can be seen in a range of business types like online shopping or auction sites, premium music download sites, in online trades and in exchange of goods or services among different corporations etc. At present, it is one of the very important aspects developed from the Internet.

E commerce lets people to do their transaction of exchanging goods or services or both without having to face barriers like time, distance etc. It has been rapidly growing since the last 5 years and may continue at the same rate or probably even grow more than the current rate. The future of the businesses operating completely on the Internet is not far off as the gap between the conventional way of doing business and through E commerce is gradually decreasing with the proliferation of the Internet into the remote corners of the world.

B2B, or Business-to-Business, refers to a business transaction or relation that is seen between 2 business parties or entities rather than a business holder and a consumer. B2B type of business often has to deal with multiple business entities or companies either as supplier or customer. Operating a B2B type of business through E commerce can be advantageous and simpler than going by the conventional methods of handling business.

The way to create a successful store online can become quite difficult if one is not aware about the principles of E commerce and what it should be doing for his online business. Having a proper understanding and also researching about the guidelines to appropriately implement plans for conducting E commerce would be helpful in creating a successful online store.

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What Is E Commerce ?




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