Forgot Email Password And What To Do  

Protecting email accounts with password is the most common method of securing privacy. Securing email IDs with username and passwords are the easiest and cheapest way of protecting emails. It is a common problem that a user can forget username or password or both that is required to access the email ID.

Email cannot be accessed without correct username and password that is access is not provided with incorrect login details. The entire email service providers allow the user to choose password as per their own convenience, so that the user does not forget the password. All the service providers provide way to recover the forgotten password of the account. Password can be recovered by different ways as password can be sent on the alternate email ID submitted at the time of registration or by correctly answering the security question chosen at the time of registration. Password can be recovered in different ways or password can be reset with entering new password.

Many of the users who face this problem enter the combination of the username and password incorrectly. The users use the incorrect combination of username and password to login in to the email account. Always keep in mind the combination should be correct. The password is case sensitive and while entering the password we cannot see the password we have typed. It is displayed as “*” when entered. As the password is case sensitive, ensure the Caps lock key and Num lock key is not on. There is a link under the username and password textboxes “forgot password click here”. The language may differ depending on the email you use. Click on the link, you may be asked for security questions on a new page, or to enter the alternate email ID to recover the password with Captcha (an image with letters and numbers).

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Forgot Email Password And What To Do




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