How To Check My Email Account ?  

Email account can be checked by signing in directly into your email account whether personal or business email account. Whenever you open up any email account you are asked to enter the login ID (Username in some websites) and password to gain access. After entering the login ID and password, you have to click on submit button. If you already have an account, then only you will be able to access the email or else you will have to sign up for new account. The registration process is easy and requires little information to create an account.

Once you click the submit button, the page is directed to the home page of your email. There you can see a welcome message with number of unread messages in the Inbox of your email. Click on the Inbox on the front or on the left hand side of the page. The inbox will be opened in few seconds (Note the webpage contacts the email server whenever you click on the link). You email is opened with the messages you have received. Click on the message you want to view. The message will open up showing the original message and the details if it is a chain mail message. You can see the sender of the mail message at the top of the email. Also, you can see the other recipients of the message marked in the To and CC (carbon copy) fields. You will not be able to view the recipients marked in the Bcc field as Bcc stands for blank carbon copy.

You can explore the other folders in the mail account on the left hand side of the page. The other folders comprise of Spam, Sent, Drafts, Personal and Trash.   

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How To Check My Email Account ?




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