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There are several email sites available today. Every email site offers a variety of features and speed to work efficiently & manage your communication over the internet. Email is the quickest way of sending written communication throughout the world or to the person next to you. Among all the sites that are available and offer free email services it is really difficult for the users to find the best option.

The best free websites available today is described below.

Google’s Gmail:
Gmail comes on the top in the list of all free email websites selected by Macworld and Gmail offers a wide variety of features to the users and is relatively user-friendly, easy to use and fast among all websites. It is an ideal email service for the people who send and receive large volumes of email every day. It offers email services with other features like chat and social networking. The chat facility available in Gmail is the fastest amongst all. Gmail can be integrated with Microsoft Outlook, Windows Mail and Apple Mail with all incoming messages received to one place. Gmail can be customized as per the user’s choice. The servers like POP and IMAP are supported by the Gmail services. Using Gmail a user can send files as attachments up to 20 MB in size. It also offers document repository, image repository, translator and many more features.

Yahoo! Mail:
Yahoo Mail is an easy to use and simple email service that offers unlimited storage space to the users. Users of the email service can chat using instant messaging, send text messages to mobile phones and post your activities on yahoo.

Windows Live (Previously Hotmail):
Windows live was previously known as Hotmail. Windows live provides huge space for storage up to 25 GB (gigabytes). It also offers chatting, Xbox Live and Facebook integrated to the website. It has an online storage facility with Sky Drive.

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