Who Created Email ?  

Electronic mail is known as email in short. Email is used for communication purposes over the internet or other computer networks. In technical terms, it is a method of exchanging digital information in a computer network or over the internet. An email can have only one sender called as the originator of the message and can have single or multiple recipients.

In other ways, a message is carried from source to destination. In today’s world, the email services have advanced, where a user can send, receive and store messages. Email servers are used to store, send and forward email messages. The speed is fast in this communication process so the user does not have to wait for a longer time to send or receive the message. The email comprises of header and text message body. An email may conclude with a signature at the bottom.

The modern email service over the internet is the result of early ARPANET which was used before. The standards for email communication were proposed in the year 1973 known as RFC 561. These standards were proposed for encoding email messages using ARPANET. The ARPANET services got converted to the internet in the early 80’s and today has become the email services that are used.

Ray Tomlinson is the man behind the invention of this greatest communication tool used throughout the world today. Ray invented the email in the year 1971 to communicate with business personnel’s. Ray worked on the ARPANET before inventing the internet. He was a MIT grad who also worked on super.

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Who Created Email ?




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