Advantages And Disadvantages Of Shopping Online  

There are many people who shop for various things for various reasons. The primary reason for shopping online is that it offers the flexibility and convenience for shopping all through the day and night for almost all kinds of products right from home. It is very helpful for people who are busy all through the day and are too exhausted by evening or night to shop, and for people who have difficulty traveling outside like the handicapped people, the elderly people, women who have to stay back at home to take care of their kids.

Besides, the convenience and flexibility to shop, many times the goods are quite cheaper since the seller cuts down his costs to a great extent by not having to pay for the space required to operate a shop and other running expenses like salaries to the workers and the sales people. Online shopping gives you the convenience of comparing the products along with their prices without having to go through the pain of going around in a mall or in different stores. You can also shop for things that might not be available in your neighborhood or in your part of the world.

However, there is also a flip side to shopping online. The very first disadvantage of shopping online is the shipping charges for delivery to your home. The waiting period for your goods to be delivered is another downside to shopping online, which can be long or longer depending on the geographical distance from the place you have ordered your product. But, the major disadvantage of shopping online is, however, that you have to buy products either relying on the repute of the online shopping portal or other buyers' testimonials, which cannot be completely reliable.

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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Shopping Online




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