Social Network Analysis And Relationships  

Social networking analysis and relationships are quite closely interlinked. Social networking analysis is known to be based on the importance of the relationships among various interacting units. This is a perspective that encompasses models, theories, and various applications that are usually expressed through relational concepts and processes. Social network analysis has come up as a great set of methods that helps in analysis of the social methods and structures that are particularly geared towards investigation of relational aspects of the structures.

Usage of these methods depends largely on accessibility of relational data instead of attributes.

Social networking analysis is measuring of the relationships and flows between people, organizations, groups, computers, or some other information processing entities. The nodes within this network are actually the groups and people whereas the links depict the relationships between these nodes. Thus social networking analysis most commonly known as SNA is known to provide mathematical as well as visual analysis of some complex human systems.

It is mainly focused towards uncovering the patterns of interaction among people. Network analysis seems to be based upon the intuitive notions that the patterns are important and essential features of lives of people who actually display them. It views relationships in terms of ties and nodes. In the simplest form, it is a mapping of all relevant relations between people that are being studied. It can also determine the capital of all these individuals. All such concepts are basically shown through social networking diagrams wherein the nodes are referred to as the points and the ties as the lines.

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Social Network Analysis And Relationships




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