What Is A Social Network ?  

Social networking in the modern times has come up as a highly popular network but there are several people who are still unaware of the underlying aspects of this process. Large numbers of people are joining this network on daily basis and they may sometimes face difficulties understanding the concepts of social networking.

Social networking is basically based in certain specified structure that seem allowing people to express their individuality as well as meeting people having similar interests. It includes profiles of people other than involvement of friends, blogs, widgets, posts, and various unique things that pertain to some specific social website. The profiles that it includes are something that provides the complete information of people included within the network. It is an introduction of that individual to the rest of the world. It contains personal as well as professional information which needs to be entered by the person and can be limited as per their choices.

The next important part of this network includes friends that are trusted members of these sites and are thus allowed to post their comments, opinions, and profiles within the network. They are also allowed to post personal messages to other people. There are several groups or communities as well that involve people belonging to similar sets.

The other important aspects include discussions, blogs, posts, comments, widgets, etc that includes different opinions of these people which they display on these social networking sites. Thus in totality it is a good source of entertainment and is also great as it makes people meet belonging to similar interests groups, businesses, and areas.

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What Is A Social Network ?




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What-Is-The-Social-Network-Theory      Any interaction among people is ideally known as the social networking but in the modern times, the whole concept of social networking has undergone a great change. This all has happened due to the development of internet. Several websites such as Facebook, Orkut, Twitter, etc have come up an they are now known as the social networking sites as they make people interact with each other on a same platform. More..




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