What Is The Social Network Theory ?  

Any interaction among people is ideally known as the social networking but in the modern times, the whole concept of social networking has undergone a great change. This all has happened due to the development of internet. Several websites such as Facebook, Orkut, Twitter, etc have come up an they are now known as the social networking sites as they make people interact with each other on a same platform.

As far as the social networking theory is concerned, it is basically inclusion of two elements in any of the social networks, be it online or offline. These elements include nodes and the ties. Nodes are the elements that act which may include organizations, groups, or even individuals. On the other hand, ties are relations that exist between these nodes. These ties can be anything, ranging from just an email interaction to intimate relations like marriage.

These ties or say the relations may vary in terms of the intensity as well as importance is any of the variables included into the social networking theory. The analysis of social networking sometimes includes dots corresponding to different colors and sizes that are connected through lines of varied thicknesses and lengths. With the advent of the Internet, the main focus of several of these social networking theories is on various business applications. Companies have now got themselves involved into such social networking sites or networks so that they can interact with more and more people in a much informal manner. This eventually proves to be a great help to their businesses.

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What Is The Social Network Theory ?




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Define-Social-Network-Theory      The social network theory observes social relations in the forms of nodes and bonds. Nodes represent the individual players constituting the networks and bonds are the relationships these players share between them. Though they have many kinds, a social network in its basic form is a diagrammatic record of all the bonds between the nodes that are being studied. More..




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