Barbecue Cooking Tips And Tricks  

Clean the grill so that there are no ashes or cooked bits of food. Make sure you wash all the vessels and also the hand after handling raw meat. While you take out the cooked meat, put it in a fresh vessel. Do not place it in the plate where you have handled raw meat washing.

Use vegetable cooking spray or oil to smear the grate so that the food does not stick to it. If the basting sauce is mixed with oil, you need not grease the grill as it may cause flare ups. You need start the fire at least half hour before starting the cooking process. To add a good aroma and also a unique flavor, you can put some wood chips like alder, fruitwood, hickory and mesquite on top of the glowing coal pieces.

While cooking chicken, do not remove the skin before cooking as otherwise it would become very dry and hard. To prevent blistering and ensuring even cooking, you need to turn at least once in 5 minutes throughout the cooking process. While cooking white-meat, ensure that an internal temperature of 170° F - 175° F is reached for safe cooking.

Using tomato based sauces containing sweeteners during the last 1/2 hour of grilling prevents over browning. Use tongs and not forks to turn the food to prevent loss of juices.

Make sure you dry roast the meat to retain flavors. The final cooked meat should be tender and tasty. It is also a good idea to add seasoning before cooking the meat so that the flavors will penetrate.

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Barbecue Cooking Tips And Tricks




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Barbecue Cooking Tips And Tricks )
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