Cooking Temperature For Steak  

While cooking steaks, you need to flip them when juices start bubbling through the meat and reach the top. There are 3 ‘doneness’ states for steaks -- rare, medium and well done. Each type requires its own cooking temperature and that is what you are going to learn as you read on.

Rare steaks are wobbly and soft. The center part is generally red in color. The ideal internal thermometer reading for the steak is between 120°F - 125°F

Medium steaks are slightly firm and have springy touch. The centre looks extremely pink but not red. You can remove the steak from the oven or grill when the temperature reads between 130°F - 135°F for the medium rare stage or 140°F - 145°F for medium steak. Steaks give optimum flavor, taste and texture when cooked to medium doneness. But, some people like their steaks better when they are well done. Medially done steaks are brownish in color.

Well done steaks are brown throughout and are firm to touch. The internal temperature should reach about 155°F - 160°F. If further overcooked, they may shrink too much and the tenderness would decrease a lot.

The cooking temperature could vary a bit depending upon the type (tenderloin, sirloin) and also the thickness of the meat. It is important to note that even after you remove the steak from the grill or oven, the steak would cook further due to the heat. So you may have to stop broiling at a stage where it is ‘nearly’ done to get best results. While testing the temperature of the steak, insert the meat thermometer at the thickest part right till the center to get the actual internal temperature.

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Cooking Temperature For Steak




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Cooking Temperature For Steak )
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