Cooking Tips For Marinating Meat  

Marinades are used to add flavor to the meat. Fresh thyme and rosemary herbs with olive oil, Worcestershire sauces and some tomato mixed together make a very good blend. For a meat weighing about 500g, you need about half a cup of marinade to get a good flavor.

When you use sugar, be very careful since if the marinade content has high sugar, it would get burnt even before the meat gets fully cooked. You should also not use a lot of salt because the soy sauce will leech out the juices and dry out the meat.

There are various good combos like tomato sauce, Dijon mustard and little red wine vinegar. Another suggestion is to mix soy sauce, orange juice and a little honey. You can also try a combination of sesame oil, oyster sauce and soy sauce.

Dry marinades contain dry herbs and also dry spices and help in adding the flavor of meat by absorbing essential oils from these ingredients. You can also create marinade pastes from both fresh and dry herbs and also dry spices. You can add either oil or some pounded form of garlic and ginger. The paste should be moist enough to bind the ingredients.

If you marinate the meat, you need to store in the refrigerator until about 20 minutes before you are going to cook it. If you use whole pieces of meat, you can store it up to a day but kebab cubes need only 2 – 3 hours to marinate.

Make sure that you do not pour marinade while cooking as it may cause flare ups. However you can brush the meat with a little marinade while cooking so that it does not dry out. Also, do not brush during the last few minutes of cooking so that you do not take the marinade when it is raw.

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Cooking Tips For Marinating Meat




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