What Methods Of Cooking Preserve Vitamin C ?  

Vitamin C is very important for our body since this makes our gums and teeth healthy and strong. It also provides resistance against infections by building up the body's immune system.

Though most people know the various ways through which we can Vitamin C, not many know that this vitamin can easily be destroyed during cooking. Sometimes simple things like excess heat can destroy Vitamin C. To retain the Vitamin C, it is important to prepare the dishes just before serving and to avoid storing them. While cooking also, it is a good idea to use steaming and microwaving as a way to cook dishes which are rich in Vitamin C. Apart from this, one can try and serve the food without removing the cooking water wherever possible. Some of the ways to do this is to use the water of boiled potatoes or broccoli for preparing soup, or to try and mash the potatoes in the water they have been boiled in.

The foods which contain Vitamin C should not be frozen for more than 2 months as this kills the vitamin completely. Since canned fruits and vegetables do not retain much of the Vitamin C, it is a good idea to go for fresh fruits and vegetables. The same applies to fruit juices also.

Whatever is the method of cooking used, one should remember not to store the food that contains Vitamin C as this results in the loss of the vitamin. One more thing to remember while cooking Vitamin C rich vegetables is to use any another pan apart from the cast iron one as this will react with the vitamin and destroy it.

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What Methods Of Cooking Preserve Vitamin C




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What Methods Of Cooking Preserve Vitamin C ? )
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