Can I Boil Ribs In Coke ?  

There are people who try to experiment with their recipes, and one such thing that people want to know is whether they can boil ribs in coke. Boiling ribs in coke would spoil the flavor of the pork ribs. So, it is not as such advisable.

But coke can be used for seasoning and marinating the ribs. This can be done before the ribs are smoked or grilled.

When the pork ribs are being cooked on a barbeque, the coke syrup is used for brushing on them. Coke syrup is made by reducing the normal coke until it becomes a syrup. The ribs that are brushed with coke syrup get the taste of coke on them. Ribs are of different types like boar ribs, spare ribs and pork baby back other than pork country rib. And this recipe goes well with all these ribs.

Ribs are boiled in water first, added with spices along with salt, to taste, for half an hour. They are then drained and placed in a pan that is lined with foil. Mustard and brown sugar is sprinkled over the ribs later, and then the ribs should be refrigerated for the whole night.

The next morning you can bake the ribs with the coke syrup poured over them along with a little catsup. The oven temperature should around 350 degrees. The baking will take full two hours time initially, and 30 minutes more after uncovering the dish. This allows the sauce to become thick.

Therefore, you can use coke for either brushing the ribs or baking them along with coke syrup. However, you cannot boil ribs in coke. You will end up spoiling the flavor of the ribs.

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Can I Boil Ribs In Coke




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Can I Boil Ribs In Coke ? )
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