Corn Cob Boiling Time  

The thought of boiled corn might itself remind you of the summer days when the market seems to be flooded by fresh corn. The whole texture of corn is so gorgeous to see. Now to determine whether the corn is fresh or not is very simple. You need to buy it with the husk and remove the husk only before cooking. Also, remember that the kernels need to be firm and the smell pleasant. Do not remove the husk while buying. You can either boil it or microwave it. The other way is to cook it on a cob.

If you like boiled corn, here is how to go about it.

Firstly, remove the husk and the silky beautiful hair completely. It is a bit tacky but you can make use of a wet cloth or that purpose. Fill a large pot with water and start heating it. In the mean time, break the end part and remove the dices of corn. As soon as the water starts boiling throw the corn. Cover it with a lid and boil for nearly ten minutes. Remove them by straining the excess water and dressing it up with your favorite ingredients along with butter. The excess water can be used as a soup. While boiling, ensure that the temp is medium as you do not want it to be overcooked as well as undercooked.

Secondly, if you want to microwave it the initial procedures remains the same. After unpeeling it place it on the dish. Pour few spoons of water. Take the help of a plastic foil and cover the dish however making a vent so that the steam escapes. Place it inside for nearly seven minutes. When done remove the foil slowly and allow the steam to move out. Finally go for your last touch with your favorite dressing and enjoy the summer.

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Corn Cob Boiling Time




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