Does Salt Make Water Boil Faster ?  

The temperature of water has to rise high in order to reach the boiling point. This is a very well known fact. But the question is whether adding salt to the water would make it boil faster.

Actually speaking, water when added with salt takes almost the same time as it would when it boils without salt. Because water does not depend on any kind of particles, although the fact of quantity of particles added is yet to be considered. And what if, it is salt. The difference would be very meager, somewhere between the actual boiling point of 100 degrees Celsius to 105 degrees Celsius, when salt is added to the water. 

The fact being that the boiling temperature would be comparatively higher when the salt is added to water, and the cooking process will not become easy and fast. The boiling time of distilled water is much faster than salt water which is slow in boiling, although the quantity of salt added to water is not much. Volume of water being much larger, the salt that is added dissolves faster.

The difference of boiling time between the distilled and salted water being very meager, it is not all that easy to make out if salted water boiling slower is valid or not. But the fact remains that the freezing and boiling time of water gets disturbed and rises higher when it no longer remains distilled. So considering this aspect, when salt is added to water, it would raise the level of temperature and hence, boiling time would be extended more than that of distilled water.

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Does Salt Make Water Boil Faster




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Does Salt Make Water Boil Faster ? )
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