How Do You Know When Chicken Is Done Boiling ?  

Boiled chicken is definitely any day better than grilled or fried chicken. However, most of you might not truly understand the process of boiling and might have overcooked the chicken. Let us help you with one example. You can start with a cooking pot by covering it with six quarts of water. Start boiling the water and once fully boiled place the chicken in it. Turn off the heat and cover the lid. Keep it for one hour and your chicken would be cooked. After exactly an hour lift it from the vessel and cut it into pieces.

It is certainly the most preferred meat in Asia as well as America due to easily availability and affordability. However, you need to check the chicken carefully as it might have chances of carrying bacteria. Boiling is precisely one reason to be most preferred as it kills the bacteria. While buying prefer to carry a separate bag since it should not get directly in touch with other items. After you have bought, store it immediately in the refrigerator. Prefer to use separate utensils, knives, cutting boards and spoons for cooking chicken. Once you begin cooking wash the chicken either in cold or under running water and immediately dry it. Sometimes small portions can tend to get overcooked maintaining the flavor.

If you want to roast the chicken allocate at least an hour or more for it. The best way to know whether the chicken is properly cooked is by simply piercing a clean knife. If it comes out at one go perfectly your chicken is perfect. Another way is by inserting the meat thermometer. Breast meat should be at 170 degrees followed by thigh meat which can go to 190 degree. If you happen to prefer the oven methods check all the sides as heat is unevenly passed. Grilling and frying might take lesser time. Also, once fully cooked it should be served immediately.

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How Do You Know When Chicken Is Done Boiling




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How Do You Know When Chicken Is Done Boiling ? )
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