How Long Do You Boil Chicken To Shred It ?  

It is common knowledge that chicken has to be boiled before you can shred it. But the question is how long should boil chicken in order to make it easy to shred the chicken. This is million dollar question for a person who is new to a kitchen.

The answer to this is that chicken should be wrapped and placed into boiling water for no less than twenty minutes before it is ready for shredding. Another alternative to shred chicken would be to steam it until the chicken is tender enough. You will know when the chicken is ready as it will fall apart when pulled with a fork.  

It is believed that boiling, at times, causes the chicken to turn rubbery. Hence, steaming is far more advisable to get the right texture. However, steaming does take time. It takes around 20 minutes to steam chicken, while boiling takes approximately 10 minutes.

To retain the flavour and soft texture of the chicken, and for an easy way to shred them, steaming the chicken would be the best possible method of cooking. If it is a metal steamer that is being used, the chicken should be put in its basket well covered, and then cooked for about twenty minutes or so. But the cooking time is considerably long. And, the water needed is also comparatively more. Therefore, simple logic demands that chicken should be boiled until it falls from the bones, and then it can be shredded easily. The stock can be used for soups or other preparations.  

Remember, boiling will take away the flavour from the chicken, and that is why many people prefer grilling to boiling. Also remember, if you are using frozen chicken, make sure you thaw it before boiling or cooking it in any other method.

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How Long Do You Boil Chicken To Shred It




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