How Long To Boil Crab Legs ?  

Crab legs have maximum flavor in them. No wonder they happen to be one of the most favorite dishes. They are tender and soft if fully boiled and properly cooked. And, it is a matter of few minutes’ preparation for those who are good and adept in the kitchen.

The frozen crab legs should preferably left in the refrigerator for nearly ten hours to defrost. This also enhances the taste. But, they can be cooked even without defrosting. It is believed that crab legs lose their original flavor if defrosted or thawed. The flavor is preserved by cooking and freezing them prior to selling, which is the usual practice followed. So, it is all about heating the crab legs again when it is boiled at home. The color speaks volume about the crab legs. Uncooked crab legs are green or brown color. While the meat inside the shell is white in color.  

Soaking and rinsing the crab legs twice or thrice is an open secret behind their delicious taste! Now it all depends on the crab leg’s size one purchases for the duration of boiling. It is a common sense that the smaller sized legs will take less time, around less than seven minutes to boil; whereas big ones have to be boiled for nearly ten minutes. And why not, if it is the Alaskan King Crab legs that has enough meat in them! One can also add some sea salt and lemon in the water prior to dropping the crab legs into the water one after the other. However, do remember to drain the legs well before you serve them.

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How Long To Boil Crab Legs




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How Long To Boil Crab Legs ? )
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