How To Boil Fresh Eggs ?  

Boiling eggs is a tricky job. The egg white and the yolk cook at different temperatures. So, unless we cut open the boiled egg we do not know whether the egg is properly boiled or not. Due to the low pH the egg white, it is sealed together with the inner membrane of the shell. However, this happens only when the egg is fresh.

This is the reason why fresh eggs do not crack as often when they are boiled. However, this not only increases the boiling time, but also makes it difficult to peel them. That is why people tend to keep cooled boiled fresh eggs in the fridge. The peeling process becomes easier this way.

In order to boil fresh eggs, you must first boil the water. However, make sure that the pot is covered. This helps water to stay below the boiling point. Depending on the size of the egg and the number of eggs, one can leave the eggs in the boiling water for about 2 to 3 minutes. In this case, the egg will remain in a semi-liquid state.

Egg cooked for 3 to 5 minutes will have a milky inner white and warm yolk. It can be spooned from the shell. While an egg boiled for 4 to 5 minutes gives you a semi-liquid yolk and a hard outer egg white. Likewise, an egg cooked for 10 minutes will have a dark yellow yolk and hard egg white. While an egg boiled for 15 minutes will have a light yellow, dry and granular yolk.

Once you have boiled the egg for the desired duration, make sure you place it in cold water. This will not only cool the egg fast, but also make it easier to peel. In addition, plunging the egg in cold water stops any further cooking of the egg.

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How To Boil Fresh Eggs




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