How To Treat A Burn From Boiling Water ?  

Burns injuries are very common. Millions of people are injured every year due to various kinds of burns and many of them die. It is very important to have first-aid knowledge to treat burns. Before giving first-aid, you must know about the kinds and degrees of burns. Burns from steaming water, well-known as scalds, are treated just like any other burns. Following guidelines will help you to treat any kind of burns.

Always keep in your first-aid box some washcloth or towel, sterilized gauze and bandages, burn gel and some pain reliever. Now, find out the type and degree of burns. Basically, there are three degrees of burns, namely first degree burns are superficial causing damage to the external skin only and the burnt area becomes red and inflamed; second degree burn damages the second layer of skin causing blisters and inflammation; and in the third degree burn, the skin is burnt very deeply causing serious injury to tissues, fat, muscles and sometimes bones also. The patient needs immediate expert help otherwise it can be very fatal. In case of third-degree burns, call 911 without any delay.

If first-degree burns occur to a large portion of body involving main joints, hands, feet, buttocks or groin, it is considered serious injury. If minor injuries, pour cold water on the burnt part for five minutes or till the injured gets relief. In the second-degree burns, continue pouring water for about fifteen minutes or more. If it is not possible to hold the affected part under running water, keep a damp washcloth dipped in ice-cold water on the affected part. Never apply ice directly on the burns. Then apply some burn ointment to avoid infection and reduce pain. Do not use any other creams or butter on the burns. Cover the affected part slackly with sterilized gauze.

In case of second-degree burns, avoid rupturing the blisters; otherwise the wounds may get infection. Give some pain reliever like ibuprofen or aspirin to relieve pain and inflammation. In case of third-degree burns, get emergency help at once. Do not try to take out clothes. Avoid using any type of ointments or cold water. Wrap sterilized wet bandages or towels on the burnt area and take apart the scalded fingers or toes wrapping them with sterilized gauze. If the burns are not on the back, neck, head or legs, put the injured on his back and raise the affected part and his feet to avoid shock. Don’t keep pillow below his head. All these precautions would help to reduce the pain of the sufferer.

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How To Treat A Burn From Boiling Water




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How To Treat A Burn From Boiling Water ? )
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