Should You Boil Chicken Before You Barbecue It ?  

Barbecue chicken is a great entrée to any side dish. But, one may have several questions about the right way to barbecue a chicken. Sometimes people also have a doubt whether they should boil the chicken before it is barbecued.

Well, some people are of the opinion that boiling chicken before barbecuing is a good idea as this will cut down the grilling time, and the chances of the chicken getting burnt are also reduced. But at the same time, there are others who think that there is no need to boil chicken before it is barbecued. It is believed that boiling chicken strips it off all its taste and flavor, and once barbecued, the chicken will taste flat.

But there are people who do feel that par boiling the chicken helps it to get grilled faster, and this does not compromise the taste of the chicken whatsoever. Apart from this, the other option while barbecuing chicken is to first grill the chicken, and then to remove all doubts of it being uncooked, bake it for some time in the oven. Also, one should remember to grill the chicken preferable covered on indirect heat, which means the chicken has to placed on one side and the coals on the other side.

Hence, there is no absolute need to boil chicken before a barbecue, but you can boil it if you so wish. Basically the person cooking the chicken has to decide whether it should be boiled before a barbecue or not.

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Should You Boil Chicken Before You Barbecue It




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Should You Boil Chicken Before You Barbecue It ? )
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