Tips For Boiling Frozen Shrimp  

Shrimp is versatile seafood and a large variety of dishes like shrimp scampi, shrimp paella, or shrimp with cashews can be prepared with it. Frozen shrimp is very popular among all seafood lovers. Shrimp does not become mushy if frozen. It looks fresh even after defrosting. Sometimes the fishmonger display in the showcase a defrosted shrimp and people buy it considering as fresh.

While buying a shrimp, do not forget to see its size. It should not be less than 36 to 40 counts for each pound, and if possible buy it raw. Smaller shrimps are used for salad and difficult to peel. Frozen shrimp can be used for any dish. Following are some tips for boiling frozen shrimp.

Put the frozen shrimp in a pan filled with cold water. Leave it for ten minutes and then pour fresh water on it. After half an hour, the shrimp would be defrosted adequately. Now, shed the defrosted shrimp. By holding the small feet on the floor and towing up, the entire skin would be removed excluding the skin on the tail. Drag the end of the tail and it would move off effortlessly. After defrosting and peeling, the shrimp is ready for use. You can cook it in various ways you like, such as boiling, frying, steaming or for any other recipes. If the shrimp stinks like ammonia or is soggy, do not use it.

Put some fresh lime juice on the shrimp and remove the skin, otherwise your kitchen will stink. Wrap the shrimp and keep it in the refrigerator if it is not being used instantly. Use the defrosted shrimp within 6 hours because it perishes very fast. Take them out of refrigerator only ten to fifteen minutes before using them.

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Tips For Boiling Frozen Shrimp




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Tips For Boiling Frozen Shrimp )
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