Grilling Times For Hamburger  

The simplicity and ease with which a hamburger gets cooked is what which adds to the popularity of the hamburger. Most commonly found in informal parties, and a big reason behind early arrivals at big matches at the stadium, it is one of the most common backyard accessories. But the distance between spoiling a hamburger and a great hamburger is couple of minutes away with the right knowledge and sear.

The act starts with the first right step of avoiding buying lean labeled meat as it dries faster. Now the next step is cutting your ground beef into patties with the right amount of thickness and diameter. Now is the most important step of the whole procedure, the grilling time and temperature of the patties. The right amount of heat is required to grill your burgers, and this temperature stands at 160 degrees F.

A thermometer can be very helpful for the desired amount of heat to be achieved. Each side of the patties should be carefully heated at this temperature for approximately 5 minutes. The most common mistake made while grilling hamburgers is the tendency of pressing the patties with the metal spatula again and again. This ends up squeezing out the juices and fat from the patty, and ends up making it dry. The trick is to handle the hamburger gently as this will save the right amount of juices and fat to make a great hamburger! Always carefully and delicately press down the burgers, and turn them around softly to keep the real nutrition alive.

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Grilling Times For Hamburger




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