Are Microwave Ovens Bad For Health ?  

Microwaves tend to make cooking simpler and faster. Technology might have surely changed our lifestyles and might have simplified it, but only at the cost of our health. Nearly 90 percent of houses in the US make use of a microwave daily. We do not blame them after all it hardly takes minutes rather than hours to prepare a meal. They are surely under the impression that it does not have any side effect. Rarely few might still know, but are too relaxed about it.

Assuming that the food cooked in an oven is healthy, nutritious, fresh is completely wrong. It consumes electricity and hence, by no means can it turn out to be healthy. Spare a few minutes and understand what it can do to your health. The waves are electromagnetic waves that use the energy and in a very short span of time they can travel at the same speed as light travels which is nearly 186,282 miles every second.

Microwave apart from cooking is also used to capture distant signals, transmissions and information from space. Every oven will consist of a tube called as magnetron which produces radiation at 2.45GHz.This combines with food molecules and acts as a spectrum between positive and negative points. The molecular interaction that takes places every second produces heat at least a millions of time. The electromagnetic waves can either be described as wavelength, frequency or amplitude. They will decide the type of radiation be it infrared, X-ray, Ultraviolet or visible. These waves have high chances of causing cancer. Hence, prolonged exposure to such food might be hazardous to your health in the long run.

It is suggested that you use them only at times of emergency. Kids should not be fed micro waved products at all. Enjoy the natural process of cooking and it would certainly benefit you.

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Are Microwave Ovens Bad For Health




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Are Microwave Ovens Bad For Health ? )
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