How Do You Ripen An Avocado In The Microwave ?  

Fruits generally take time to ripen but if need be it might ripen within few minutes. Yes you heard it right but you will need the help of a microwave. You will not get the actual flavor though. Any kind of shortcuts will always have weaknesses. But do not worry as the fruit will surely be edible. The quick process can be explained perfectly.

You will first need the fruit, pair of forks, a good microwave dish and some paper tissues or towels. Make sure that the avocados purchased are tight and do not have any torn bits or pierced spots on them. Place your fruits separately and do not allow them to get in contact with meat or other vegetables.

Firstly prick the fruit on all sides. Place the fruit n top of the dish. The dish must be layered with towels. Next place it inside the microwave and set the settings to medium temperature. Let it cook for a nearly thirty seconds and then remove it to check the fruit. Is it still happens to be tough you have to place it for another round. Again you will have to microwave it for nearly thirty seconds before checking it again. This time it has to turn soft as well as edible. You can now use your fruit for your favorite recipes. We would suggest that it is great to use it as a processing agent. However, it might not taste better if you have it out from the microwave.

Avocado has a great amount of Vitamin A and Vitamin C. But, you should allow it to ripen naturally and use this technique only if there is an emergency. Naturally ripe avocados can really taste ten times better than this form.

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How Do You Ripen An Avocado In The Microwave




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How Do You Ripen An Avocado In The Microwave ? )
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