How Long To Microwave Baked Potatoes ?  

Most Americans love baked potatoes and it is much simpler than fries. Baking them takes hardly few minutes. Yes even you can do it provided you know how long to microwave them. We can guide you on that certainly. Now baking potatoes depend on lot of factors like the size, flavor, texture and quantity. It also depends on the type of your microwave. Old microwaves will take more time rather than brand new ones.

A single potato will easily require a minimum of seven minutes. In this case your potato will be one whole without any cuts. Although you do need to pierce holes so that it does not explode inside. If they are baby potatoes or cut into dices, it would certainly take less time. We would suggest you retain the skin as unpeeled potatoes taste better.

If you slice them, they would again take less time. Like we said previously you can make it in the way you want. Make cuts in such a way that heat is evenly distributed and when you munch them you do not find some hard edges. Do not be under the assumption that two or more potatoes will take double amount of time. It also depends on the size of the microwave and the plate. If you place a bigger plate and make sure that the potatoes do not touch each other, then you will require 1 1/2 of the time that you initially took for one single potato.

After your potatoes are fully baked, let it rest inside for few more minutes. Again before the final servicing insert a clean knife inside and f it comes out smoothly you are ready to set the table. If they take time to come off you might have to place it again for a couple of minutes.

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How Long To Microwave Baked Potatoes




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How Long To Microwave Baked Potatoes ? )
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