How To Microwave Corn On The Cob ?  

Boiling corn has certainly been a passé these days. The next on the menu is preparing corn in a microwave oven. Simply follow our procedure and start experimenting. Firstly, you will require two ears of fresh corn, an oven, good dollops of butter and a hot pad. Secondly, begin the process with placing the corn with the husk and hair intact inside the oven.

Gently microwave it for ten minutes. The cooking time would depend on the size and texture of the corn. Prefer to buy a corn that seems fresh and smells fresh. Do look at that too. If it is too hard, keep it for another couple of minutes. With the help of the pad remove it from the oven carefully. Prick few and see whether they have turned soft.

If they are still hard, place it back for a couple of minutes. Once they are done let it again rest for another fifteen minutes. If it is too hot wait for some more time and then peel few. Apply a dash of butter and paprika and munch it on. Make sure that while you set the corn for resting inside the microwave do not remove it in between. The steam must further cook the corn. You can add more than one ear of corn provided your microwave has the space for it. Kids need to use the hot pads to remove the corn, or else they might burn their hands.

This way you require very less time compared to boiling and can be considered as an instant snack without cutting the base. If possible, also try rubbing white butter and dry powder on it. The taste would be better than you might have ever tried.

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How To Microwave Corn On The Cob




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How To Microwave Corn On The Cob ? )
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