How To Microwave Sweet Potato ?  

Sweet potatoes are very nutritious and tasty to eat. They are full of Vitamin A and C and a good source of fiber if consumed with its skin. It takes only 10 to 12 minutes to microwave sweet potatoes.

Here is a quick recipe to show you How To Microwave Sweet Potato ?es.

Things required for microwaving sweet potato:
Microwave oven, 1 microwave-safe platter, one fork, and 2-3 medium size sweet potatoes.

Time taken is about 12 minutes.


  • Rinse sweet potatoes with clean water. Prick the sweet potatoes with fork making small punctures on all over the potatoes.
  • Now keep the pierced potatoes on a micro safe platter and set the microwave on high for six minutes. Then, Invert the potatoes and cook for another six minutes. The heating time may differ in accordance with the size of the potato. If it is smaller in size, reduce the time and if very large, it will take more time.
  • Now your sweet potatoes are ready to serve. You can cut them into small pieces before serving. They taste very yummy when served with butter and powdered cinnamon. If you are calorie conscious and want to reduce calorie intake, serve the dish with salt, pepper and a little spoon of cottage cheese having lower fat content.

Another low calorie recipe is to serve it with salt, pepper and some lemon juice. You can also mash the cooked sweet potatoes, add some milk and sugar (optional), heat for another two minutes in the oven. This makes it a very delicious dish to relish.

You can add this nutritious and delicious food to your daily diet.

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How To Microwave Sweet Potato




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