Microwave Recipes For Vegetarian  

Grilled vegetables are the best sort of starters or side dish. Most people in U.S have turned to grilled food rather than fried or boiled. Vegetables have a huge amount of minerals and vitamins .However, grilling them requires extra care and caution. Both meat and veggies require varied amount of cooking time. Vegetables will surely require less time, but must be grilled in such a way that the elements do not get lost.

Let us help you with one of the best dishes that we can offer. Let us try making kebabs and croutons. Firstly always ensure that to wash the vegetables properly and then cut them into fine sizes. Use an aluminum foil to grill the veggies. Secondly you would require 1 red bell pepper,1 onion, 1/2 cup olive oil,1 yellow bell pepper,1 onion, 1/4 cup of red wine, and 1 green bell pepper.

At the same time for croutons you would require 1/4 cup olive oil, spices, fresh baked brioche and aluminum foil. Now let us begin with whisking wine and oil in a bowl. Slice all the peppers and onions into equal pieces. Place them on four large skewers for around fifteen minutes approximately. Now marinate them by adding the oil and wine. Let it settle for another twenty minutes. Once done place them on the grill for a good twelve minutes till they slightly turn their color. They need to be tender and must be served hot.

Next, for the croutons you will have to mix the herbs along with olive oil. Spread that evenly on the brioche and pack it with the foil. Now immediately place the foil on a pre-heated grill. The temperature must be at 300 degree C for roughly 45 minutes. Once they are dry and crisp serve it with the grilled veggies.

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Microwave Recipes For Vegetarian




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