Who Invented The Microwave Oven ?  

A microwave has always tended to be a support system in most of our kitchens. Why not! After all cooking has just got a new definition. Cooking has been simpler and faster. However, the credit goes to an engineer named Percy Spencer who has created such a masterpiece. Masterpiece not because it is just a beautiful imagination but also a practical creation. It has saved a lot of time for millions of Americans who just do not have time to cook.

It was invented in the year 1946 when he was working with Raytheon Corporation on a particular project which involved work on a new type of vacuum tube namely the magnetron. The magnetron usually emits waves within a fraction of second. That lucky day our engineer had a candy in his pocket and was just few seconds’ away from the magnetron. The candy melted immediately and he got a bit imaginative. The next few days began experimenting with eggs followed by popcorn and he came out with a detailed analysis and explanation. He found out that anything that is kept close to it changes its temperature at a very high speed. After enormous further experiments, it was confirmed that it can certainly be used for cooking.

The next thing that followed was manufacturing and designing a microwave that can only defrost substances. It was very large in size compared to the compact ones that we have now. After few years maybe in 1967 a new division introduced domestic oven which can basically carry out all types of cooking.

Today, we bake, boil, fry and even roast food in an oven .This revolutionary discovery has been an integral part of our life without which it seems meaningless. So, technology has taken our lives so forward that we just want to enjoy every part of it.

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Who Invented The Microwave Oven




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Who Invented The Microwave Oven ? )
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