Which Is The Best Cut Of Beef For Roasting ?  

Different cuts of beefs are ideal for different forms of cooking. First it is important to know the main parts of the beef that are available. Beef is divided into large sections like chuck, rib, round, loin, brisket/shank, flank, short plate.

Now these large sections are further subdivided. Chuck consists of blade roast and chuck steak. Rib contains rib roast and rib steak. Short loin consists of porterhouse steak, T-bone steak, tenderloin. Sirloin consists of sirloin steaks and sirloin tip roast. Flank consists only of flank steak. Round consists of top round and rump roast. And finally shank/brisket consists of fore shank, brisket first cut, brisket front cut.

Roasting requires delicate tissues of the beef and hence, a delicate cut of beef will be the most ideal cut for roasting. The chuck, brisket, round and shank are the most exercised muscle of the beef and hence, the toughest. Chuck is useful for stew meat. Brisket is perfect for barbeques. The short plate and flank contains meat of medium toughness. Sirloin and short loin being too tender cuts of the beef, and therefore do not respond well to roasting. These cuts of beef respond well to pan grilling, broiling or pan frying.

The most tender and ideal beef cut for roasting is the rib steaks, also known as Delmonico steaks, rib eye steaks, which is boneless, and rib roast. Rib roast is considered as an excellent dish because its juices are full and flavorful, and respond well to roasting. The best beef cut for roasting according to the prime sections of the beef is the rib.

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Which Is The Best Cut Of Beef For Roasting




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Which Is The Best Cut Of Beef For Roasting ? )
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