The Best Tasting Mixed Drinks  

As the name suggests, mixed drinks are prepared by blending two or more drinks together. Those containing alcohol are referred to as cocktails, while the ones prepared without the usage of alcohol are known as mock tails. However, remember by just mixing two drinks you will not end up producing a fine alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage. The art lies in knowing the exact ingredients that would gel together and the correct proportion of each one.

The most sort after cocktails are prepared with vodka, tequila, rum, whisky, gin and even beer. Other ingredients utilized are flavored fruit juices and syrups. While the masculine gender is known to opt for the undiluted varieties, the women generally prefer more diluted forms of beverages with lighter drinks like vodka or wines.

When it comes to mixed drinks, the White Russian is a favorite with many. This royal drink is prepared by mixing 2 oz of vanilla vodka, 1 oz of Kahlua and some amount of fluffy light cream. Try this one in a fine straight liquor glass loaded with ice! In order to prepare Mimosa, blend three and a half oz of chilled champagne, half oz triple sec along with one and a half oz of orange juice. Serve in wine glasses and garnish with a slice of orange. Another popular summer mixed drink is the Appletini. Serve it is a classical martini glass. You can prepare it with 2 oz of green apple, three olives vodka and 1 oz of sour apple pucker Schnapps. If you have had a long day and are craving for an exotic mixed drink that requires minimal preparation. Well, then go in for whiskey and coke. Just mix Jack Daniels whisky and coke; add lots of ice and enjoy!

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The Best Tasting Mixed Drinks




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The Best Tasting Mixed Drinks )
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