Types Of Drinks  

When it comes to the most popular drink in the world, the most obvious choice would be plain water. Since centuries, water has always ranked first in the list of the most preferred drinks. Water is synonymous with the term ‘life’ itself. A symbol of life and an essential ingredient for our very existence; nothing can replace plain water.

However, man’s creativity has facilitated tremendous alterations in this plain thirst reliever; thereby paving way for diverse forms of drinks. For instance, the mere addition of drops of lemon juice, pinch of salt and tablespoon of sugar to water gives us the wonder drink, the lime water. Similarly, least do we realize that most of the current drinks popular with the present generation have water in some chemical state or the other. The list of dinks is endless. We could start from the much loved beverages, tea and coffee that serve as soothers or energizers. Then there are others like soft drinks, tonics, fruit juices, health drinks and sports drinks; and of course those containing alcohol that make our lives exotic!

With the exception of water, tea and coffee; drinks are broadly classified into three categories namely the mixed drinks, the soft drinks and the healthy drinks. Mixed drinks are what we popularly call as cocktails and mock tails. These are usually prepared by mixing different ingredients some with alcohol as the prime ingredient, while others devoid of any alcoholic content. On the other hand are soft drinks that are primarily carbonated water flavored with various fruits. This category of drinks is in maximum demand across the world. Another drink which is gaining popularity of late is the health drink. Supplemented with additional nutrients, these drinks are believed to help combat diseases and boost the immune system.

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Types Of Drinks




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