What Is A Frappe ?  

Frappe is a chilled drink prepared by using varying types of ingredients. Different countries have adapted differently and made this drink a customized version of their cultures. However, it is basically made by using ice in ground form and mixed with coffee or milk topped with vanilla or chocolate ice cream. It is blended together to give a foamy like appearance. It is meant to be served in summer but is popular all year round. The drink either is chilled before serving or is made by using chilled ingredients. More..


How To Make A Mocha Frappe ?

How To Make A Mocha Frappe ?

Mochas are a preferred beverage amongst chocolate and coffee lovers. It provides a prefect blend and is loaded with calories giving the person a feeling of having consumed an entire meal. A whipped cream on top makes the beverage look more appetizing and appealing even to the diet conscious souls.

You need not run to a nearby shop to have one each time. These drinks can be easily prepared at home. You can regulate the amount of sugar and fat level too. You will need the following ingredients: More...



How Many Calories In A Mcdonalds Frappe ?

How Many Calories In A Mcdonalds Frappe ?

If you are a huge Frappe addict and are wondering how many calories you are feeding your body each time, read on. Frappes are the latest innovations at McDonalds and seem to have impressed people of all age groups. This drink is power packed with cream and milk, making it extremely rich in terms of calories and fats. You can choose between mocha and caramel varieties. Listed below is the nutritional content of mocha and caramel varieties of frappe in different sizes: More...






Mcdonalds Frappe Nutrition Info

Mcdonalds Frappe Nutrition InfoFrappe seems to be the latest addition in McDonald’s endless list of food items. A perfect blend off coffee with different flavors has made frappe a huge hit among the young and old alike. However, it is a completely packed with large amounts of calories making it quite heavy and filling. If you are on a low fat or low calorie diet, watch out. This is not meant for you! More...




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