Are Energy Drinks Healthy ?  

Energy drinks, as the name itself implies are meant to boost our energy level. In fact, these days many are consuming energy drinks as a supplement for diet. Owing to the high content of caffeine in them, these drinks provide instant elevation of energy; thus, making these drinks extremely popular with those involved in strenuous work outs.

Apart from caffeine as the main ingredient, these drinks also contain sugar that imparts the sweetness and various kinds of vitamins; primarily from the group B. Some of the health drinks are also known to contain essential amino acids. Another variant of energy drinks called herbal energy drinks commonly available in the market comprise of Ginseng, St Johns Wort and Gingko Biloba. Some of the most popular brands of health drinks include Red Bull, Monster, XS, Rockstar, Go Fast and Flying Horse. These can be easily procured from health stores and convenience stores.

Although energy drinks are known for their advantage of providing energy; yet it is cardinal for parents to be well aware of the fact that these drinks have more content of caffeine than a normal cup of coffee. As a result, long term usage or excessive intake could result in sleep disorders. Also, one should refrain from mixing these drinks with alcohol as this could lead to dangerous repercussions.

In light of all these factors, it is for each one to decide whether for the mere gain of temporary energy boast, one should resort to the drinking of energy drinks that would certainly lead to health disorders in the long run. The labels on these drinks do warn consumers of the side effects but many prefer to ignore them at the cost of their health.

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Are Energy Drinks Healthy




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