Are Monster Energy Drinks Bad For You ?  

Monster energy drinks are extremely potent forms of energy drinks that consist of carbonated water, sugars, nutrients, herbal extracts and caffeine. They provide quick fulfillment. The most popular monster energy drinks are Monster Khaos and Heavy Metals. Although these drinks are being marketed as energy supplement for athletes and young children, whether these are safe for consumption is a debatable issue.

The biggest culprit in these drinks is caffeine. It has been analyzed that sixteen ounce of monster energy drink contains roughly 160 milligrams of caffeine whereas eight ounce of coffee comprises of 100 mg to 150 mg of caffeine. Research illustrates that an intake of 300 milligrams of caffeine per day is considered safe for adult human consumption. However, this statement may not hold true for one and all. Some people may experience acceleration in heart rate, anxiety, bad temper, sickness and headaches with the intake of the same and are therefore advised to consume even lesser quantities of coffee, tea or energy drinks.

Studies reveal that the intake of a sixteen ounces of monster energy drink on an empty stomach is sure to result in serious health issues. Young athletes often experience the negative implications of caffeine such as dizziness and ill health. Moreover, excess intake of caffeine can also result in high blood pressure, headaches and dehydration. Some of the energy supplements utilized in the making these drinks are also known to exert some amount of negative impact on one’s health. It is advised that consumers check the label and gain a complete know how of the ingredients in the drink. Although the manufacturers and many fans of monster energy drinks would canvass otherwise, several studies showcase the adverse effects of these drinks and nullify their claim as a safe energy supplement.

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Are Monster Energy Drinks Bad For You




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Are Monster Energy Drinks Bad For You )
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